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Anime is an industry that has a long and varied history, which makes it quite the fascinating subject of discussion. If you are interested in it in any way, you can actually make use of the various resources that are available where various aspects and properties are talked about on a regular basis. These anime blogs are great for when you want to know more about such shows, which you will likely find as useful as shops like Klook, Lazada, Zenrooms and Aliexpress

What you really want to look for when you are browsing through the contents available via these resources are the insights that are provided with regards to what anime can be and what the various genres represent. There are simply too many of them to take for granted and you want to be prepared if you are going to go into this industry.

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Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Anime News Network 9%

Anime News Network

One of the most popular anime websites in the world, is where you can get the latest contents about anime that you are definitely not going to want to miss out on. Among the most interesting of them would definitely have to be “'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion' Film's English Trailer Streamed,” “Manga Answerman - Why Aren't More Anime-Related Manga Published in English?,” and “Pokémon Masters Smartphone Game's Trailer Was Solo Key-Animated by Masaaki Iwane.” You definitely want to check this site out.
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Tokyo Otaku Mode 7%

Tokyo Otaku Mode

As the name of the site might have already given away, is basically a resource for otakus everywhere to enjoy contents about Japan nerd culture. Be sure to take a look at examples like “My Hero Academia Confirms Season 4 Broadcast Date!,” “The Kickstarter to Make Little Witch Academia into a VR Game is Now Underway!,” “Ensemble Stars Anime Releases Trailer Featuring Opening Theme!,” and “Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirms Story and Gameplay Details!”
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | AnimeLab 8%


Visit and read about some truly interesting contents about anime. You’ll especially love examples like “NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER open for beta this weekend!,” “The AnimeLab Blood Challange Continues this Bloody Great Friday,” and “Anime Fans are Saving Lives with the AnimeLab Blood Challenge!” You will find a lot more like those when you visit the site.
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | All the Anime 6%

All the Anime

Check out right now for some interesting takes on the world of anime. At this site are contents that include “The Summer of Gundam begins here!,” “Books: The Art of Nausicaa,” and “Books: Women’s Manga etc…” If you are interested in finding more of such things, you definitely want to take a look at what else this site has in store for readers to enjoy.
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Crunchyroll 6%


As a major anime resource, taking a look at what has to offer in the vein of anime news is definitely a good thing to do. You’ll want to start with examples like “Fan Shrine Fridays: Anime Treasure from the Past & More!,” “Inuyasha Wallets and Watches Add Isekai Flair to Your Wardrobe,” “Connect with Sarazanmai at Audience Participation Screenings,” and “Stupidity Among the Stars: Remembering Space Battleship Tiramisu.”
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Animefreak 7%


The site is mostly for checking out the anime that are available for you to view right now. If there is a particular anime that you are interested in or if you want to catch up on the latest episodes, you can check this site out.
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Anime Holik 6%


Don’t miss out on the awesome contents and discussions that can be found over at You’ll especially enjoy reading contents like “Tydzień z anime: Przegląd informacji z dni 17-23 czerwca 2019,” “Mob Psycho 100 - drugi sezon z nowym kluczem wizualnym,” “Film Shikioriori z nowym zwiastunem. Co już o nim wiemy?,” and “Mirai no Mirai - co wiemy o nowym filmie Mamoru Hosody?”
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Dark Mirage 7%

Ramblings of Dark Mirage

If you are interested in anime contents, you will want to visit This is a resource that is simply full of the most fascinating takes on anime and everything to do with it. Just take for example “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes,” “Tokyo Government to pass tough ordinance against mature manga,” “Incoming Haruhi-related Announcement,” and “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt — Episode 1.”
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | SGCafe 7%


Otakus everywhere will definitely want to take a look at what is all about since there are a ton of amazing contents to be found at this site. Anyone interested in anime in any way will especially love such examples as “The SGCafe List: 6 Returning Anime We Are Excited to watch for Summer 2019,” “A Live-action Final Fantasy TV series?! Sony and Square Enix are teaming up for one,” “Comiket entrance won’t be free anymore, staff to implement wristband
Anime Blogs Award 2019 | Anime Motivation 30%

Anime Motivation

Take a look at right now for some truly incredible contents about anime that will help you gain more appreciation for the wonderful world that is shown by this form of art. You can see this quite clearly when you browse the list of articles and coverage of news that are available here. You can take for example such excellent articles as “21+ Anime Shows That Can Motivate You To Live Better (According To Reddit),” “A Collection Of Memorable Quotes You’lll Love From “Ace Attorney,” “The Ultimate List Of Quotes From “The Rising Of The Shield Hero,” and “Crunchyroll + Anime Motivation Competition Update (The Rising Of The Shield Hero).”

Yu Alexius Anime Portal

If you want to know about anime and everything that has to do with go, you are going to want to pay a visit. This site talks about anime in ways that makes the entire artistic industry more provocative and much deeper than many might assume. If there is anything at all that you might have wanted to develop in terms of your understanding of the anime industry, this is the resource that will fulfill that need. Just check it out and you can see this for yourself.

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