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Sick of eating out every night but too scared to cook for yourself? Fear no more because these tried-and-tested cooking blogs have you covered. The nominees for this award prove that food is more than just fuel – it is also something that people should enjoy. Cooking is, according to them, something that should be easily accessible for people since everyone needs to eat.

Whether you are looking for week-long projects and complicated recipes or food that you can cook with limited time and resources, the nominees on this list have appetizing, inspiring, nourishing, and approachable food preparation and cooking tips that you can count on.

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Dassana and Amit started their blog to keep a record of their family recipes as well as the ones that they have created over the years. Eventually, the blog turned into a space for pure vegetarian recipes that are mostly Indian but occasionally ventures into world cuisine as well. With more than 1800 recipes featured on the site, their blog represents one of the largest collections of pure vegetarian recipes right now.
Ochikeron specializes in making easy, tasty, fun, and “kawaii” Japanese food recipes. This Tokyo-based blogger regularly uploads Japanese cooking videos that focus on easy-to-follow and quick-to-prepare recipes for her readers and viewers. Her goal is to share the joy of real-life Japanese home cooking and make the art of cooking more exciting for everyone.
Shihoko is a Japanese native who is currently based in Australia. Her blog, Chopstick Chronicles, features the mouthwatering dishes that she enjoyed when she was growing up in Japan. With her smart eye for great photos and easy-to-follow instructions and tips, Shihoko’s blog will definitely get you more excited

Noriko and Yuko

Noriko and Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 are both from Japan, but are now based in California. After meeting through their daughters who went to the same school, the two became fast friends. Their blog features fresh, simple, and tasty Japanese meals that anyone can prepare at home. Their recipes are based on their memories of their home country and their years of experience cooking for their loved ones.
Rachael, the blogger behind La Fuji Mama, has traveled across the world, sampling and enjoying a wide variety of food in different locations. She posts recipes that are a fusion of varying tastes, influenced by the countries she has visited and the people she has met. A self-proclaimed Japanese food advocate, Rachael believes that cooking can be a delicious educational experience for the entire family.
Kat and Satoshi started their blog in 2005 as a way to keep their families updated about their adventures. The duo regularly blogs about their eating and traveling adventures around Japan and Hawaii. With the variety of dining and cooking-related posts on their site, readers can expect to find both popular restaurants and hidden gems, mouthwatering cuisine, and even interesting food histories.
Hyosun is a Korean-American mom and blogger who started the blog, Korean Bapsang, to teach her children how to cook the food that they grew up with. Today, her site serves a platform where she can share some of the many secrets of classic Korean home cooking. All her recipes are carefully tested to ensure easy-to-follow instructions and consistently good quality results.


Zen Kimchi is a website that documents the adventures of a team of bloggers in Korea. Along with recipes for Korean food, the blog also contains tips for expats who have relocated to Korea. The team is best known for their amazing food tours, such as The Ultimate Korean BBQ Experience and The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour, which are designed to provide participants with a crash course in Korean culture.
Holly is the blogger behind Beyond Kimchee, a site that she started as a way to record the personal recipes that she would someday like to pass on to her children. Her goal is to be able to communicate with people through food. With her homemade and delicious recipes, Holly hopes to inspire a love of cooking in her readers around the world.
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