Asian Fitness & Wellness Blogs 2018

With thousands of fitness and wellness blogs in the internet, finding what best suits you may be a bit of a challenge. It may take time weeding through all of them and some may bring false claims about being the best solution to one’s fitness challenge. Now, we have come up with a list that we believe is worthy of your time. Follow their blogs and we assure you that these will not disappoint you. They bring the best work out plans and tips about staying strong, healthy and happy.

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This blog keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news and trends in terms of health and wellness. This site is also an online magazine which is full of information. Know the best meal plan for you and get smart tips as bonus to your healthy diet.
Healthy Living
This site builds online community for people who wanted to promote healthy living. Meet fellow healthy living bloggers and share your thoughts and ideas about staying fit and healthy. This site is definitely worth talking about.

Noelle De Guzman

Ms. Noelle is the name behind Kikay Runner. She runs to stay fit and healthy and blog about it to serve as an inspiration to readers. She is a certified recreational runner and has been joining marathons since 2010. Visit her blog and read her stories.

Jaymie Pizarro

Being the first Filipino to finish the World Marathon Majors, Ms. Jamie is considered to be an influencer in the field of running. Her blog is considered one of the leading fitness blog in the Philippines. Jamie being a certified Health Coach, her contributions are certified reliable.
A multi awarded actor, songwriter, director and blogger, he share with his readers his experiences in life, work, travel, food, health and fitness. Read through his honest reviews and practical tips and find yourself feel inspired and wanting to engage in his sports activities. A top influencer in the Philippines indeed.
A blog that brings happiness to readers. This is a unique blog that informs about lifestyle, health and wellness. Ms. Annalyn is out to prove that taking care of one’s health and wellness can be fun and also entertaining.

Lush Angel

Celebrate the beauty of life with this blog. Be informed about trends regarding health. With the help of this blog, readers can gain knowledge about staying fit and healthy. Choose the best workout plan and stay motivated. Decide what food to eat and know the importance of the right diet. This blog also offers reviews and smart tips.

Flow Retreats

If you are active or want to have an active lifestyle and are into wholesome eating, this site is for you. Register to their yoga class and practice a healthy lifestyle for a newer and healthier you. Join their community and inspire others.
Bahay Kalipay

Bahay Kalipay

Relaxation makes the body and mind healthy. Learn yoga, detox your body and start the healing process. This blog offers retreat services for the benefit of the overall well-being of the body, mind and spirit.

Jean-Christophe Clement

Learn to appreciate the wonders of nature in Hong kong and be able help in preserving its beauty with this blog. This blog provides detailed information about hiking trails around Hong kong including the duration, difficulty and ratings. Start hiking and stay fit and healthy.

The Uma Show

Uma is an award winning media influencer that blogs about living well and staying healthy. Being a wellness entrepreneur and a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, she effectively persuades readers to be more productive and efficient in life. Check out her blog and be inspired.
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