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medicalIsland 38%

Dr. Lawrence Kindo

An excellent wellness blog, is definitely worth visiting if you are someone who is interested in keeping you and your loved ones as healthy and strong for as long as possible. This is done via methods that are really easy to implement, as well, which makes them doubly important for those who are looking for efficient solutions to their problems.
Nominee 3 11%

Health Resource 4U

If you want to keep your health in tip-top shape, the is the perfect site for you. The blog has a section that explains some of the common medical issues encountered by many, another section that is solely dedicated for weight loss, and a Health & Style section discussing eye, hair, skin and dental concerns.
Nominee Sheryl 9%


The Off She Went blog is run by Sheryl, a very active blogger who is into adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, diving, trekking, and more. She is serious about being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find easy-to-do recipes for delicious and nutritious dishes on her site that can help you achieve a healthy diet.
Nominee Kelly 9%

Sunshine Kelly

The Sunshine Kelly blog is also a well-rounded blog that contains tons of beauty and fashion tips, fitness and lifestyle content, and travel features. The site provides diverse health and fitness issues such as top chiropractor services, best paddle boards for yoga, and tips for people on a ketogenic diet.
Nominee Jane 8%


The Yogini From Manila blog is like an online refuge for tired urban souls. The site contains helpful tips on how to maintain your balance and health in this fast-paced world. For instance, there is an article explaining the negative effects of wearing high heels, recommendations on natural antibacterial sprays and healthy recipes such as the Organique Acai Premium Blend.
Nominee 10 8%


A great wellness blog, is well-known in the fitness circle as a great source of useful information that can up your health game. Just give it a try and see how well the site’s approach fits your needs.
Nominee Azlan 4%


The Azlan-Runs blog was started by a Singapore-based trail runner who started the sport back in 2009 to be fit enough to pass the National Service physical tests. Eventually, he fell in love with the sport and used it as a healing method for his depression. His site contains running events as well as recommendations on what gears to use.
Aloka 4%


Bringing up children in a healthy, safe and wholesome environments is one of the biggest responsibilities of parents. The site does a very good job of illustrating how this can be done, with so many interesting and useful tips. That can be easily applied by anyone. For those who may be struggling with making healthier choices for their children, this is a great resource.
Nominee 4 3%

Get Well Forever

The Get Well Forever blog really live up to its “Healthy Life to the Fullest!” tagline. It is a great resource for those who want to know how to eat healthily. They also provide a good read about health benefits of drinking beer, health issues like depression, and tips on how to boost your mood through food.
Nominee Jaymie 2%


The Bull Runner blog is probably best described by its tagline “Run strong, Eat clean, Live well.” The blog was started by Jaymie Pizarro who is also known as The Bull Runner for her enthusiasm in joining marathons. Being run by a sports aficionado, the site is a good resource for fitness and healthy eating.
Nominee Chery 2%


The CherylTay blog is a surprising mix of cars, motorsports, fitness, and sports. You’ll find tons of useful articles covering a variety of topics such as triathlons, banana tennis, how to squeeze a workout despite a busy schedule, weightlifting and the important issue of body image. If you are into getting fit and cars, this site is perfect for you.
Nominee Janice 2%


The blog can be described as a fashion, fitness, and lifestyle blog. You’ll find various activities to increase your fitness levels such as races and different gym routines. Of course, it also contains reviews of the popular sports and fitness gears available in the market. If you are an active and adventurous fashionista, this site is for you!


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