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Linda and David 38%

Linda and David

If baby boomer travel resources are what you are after, is the website that can help you in this regard. You definitely want to give this website the attention that it deserves where Linda and David share their experiences and expertise with readers. Be sure to take a look at examples like “Hot Spots To Travel In The Winter That Aren’t The Caribbean,” “Lots to See and Do In New Orleans … In Addition to Mardi Gras,” and “5 Reasons To Visit The Canary Islands” to see exactly what you are looking for. You’ll definitely love what you’ll find.
50shadesofage 30%

Kathy started in 2012 to show to fellow baby boomers that the world is such an amazing place. Kathy’s advocacy is to motivate women ages 50 and up to live a life to the fullest and travel the world. This blog is made to empower women and feel worthy. Follow this fun site and check out things about life and leisure.
boomeresque 12%


Be sure to visit and check out the contents that it has to offer that are perfect for baby boomers. You have to check out all of the contents that are available on this site that talks about the topics that are quite relevant to your demographic. Be sure to read examples such as “A Visit to Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the Mercer Mile,” “Our Favorite Restaurant in Brigantine, New Jersey – The Crab Shack,” and “Travel Book Gift Recommendations By Travel Bloggers.” Get all of the details that you are looking for to help you out right now.
Jennifer Huber 4%

Jennifer Huber

At, Jennifer Huber really drives the point home that people absolutely need to travel and see the world at some point in their lives. You can even travel alone if you want and this website can show you exactly how you can do that. As travel resources go, this site is one of the most reliable and the contents are just making that case clear. Some of the clearest examples include “Yes, Flamingo is Open in Everglades National Park,” “Fun & a Bit Quirky Florida Holiday Celebrations,” and “Utilize the Sharing Economy to Plan Your Florida Adventures.”
Barbara Weibel 2%

Barbara Weibel

At, the site’s owner Barbara has a lot to share with regards to topics that baby boomers will surely find relevant. If information with regards to destinations are what you are looking for, you can count on the contents of this site to fulfill your needs. So be sure to read pertinent contents such as “The Origins of Thailand’s Loy Krathong Festival are Shrouded in Mystery,” “A “Suite” Experience at Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort,” and “Tattooed from Head to Toe in the Marquesas Islands.” Suffice it to say, if you want to travel, stop by this site first.
martin and libby 2%

Martin and Libby

Be sure to visit where Martin and Libby Rose share their experiences in their travels with readers who are looking to get the same types of experiences as them. You can find some great travel tips, destination resources, and so many others. For an idea as to the value of this website, you can take a look at contents like “Gift ideas for hikers and national park lovers,” “Tips to capture great fall photos,” and “10 things to know before traveling to Canada.” Be sure to keep coming back to get the benefits of the site’s insights.
Rhonda and Jeff 2%

Rhonda and Jeff

Take a look at what Rhonda Albom at has to share with regards to travel topics right now to see what her experiences and insights are like and how you can learn from them. Be sure to check out all of the contents on this site about traveling that will definitely be of use to you. Some of the best examples are “Discover Culture Through Food: Chilean Cuisine Cooking Class,” “Getting to Isla Damas – Seeing Penguins in Chile,” and “Kauai Excursions: Highlights of Kauai, Hawaii in a Day.” Keep coming back to see even more awesome contents.
Irene 2%


If travel writing is what you want to see, by Irene S. Levine will definitely be to your liking. It is an absolutely amazing resource with plenty of valuable information to share with readers about the beauty of traveling and what places are worth visiting most. You can check out such contents as the following for your enjoyment, “Sakagura: Subterranean Sake and Food in a Secret NYC Location,” “Sunshine and Great Cuisine in Playa del Carmen,” and “2018 Holiday Gift Guide For Travelers Over-50.” You’ll definitely want to keep coming back to this site to learn more.
Cath and Ian 2%

Cath and Ian

If you simply take the value of the contents at into consideration, you’ll definitely come to the conclusion that this website by Cath and Ian is one of the most essential to any resource list. The site is so full of useful contents that are simply informative to the readers who will be partaking in what they have to say. Good examples to look at include “A weekend in Rome- A Travel Tale,” “A guide to travelling with Type 1 Diabetes,” and “Visit Burano in Spring-A Travel Tale.”
Best Travel Blogs 2%

Catherine Sweeney

This website is no ordinary blog. This is a blog that focuses on the finer things in life. Discover new destinations and enjoy their travel stories. Discover the best places and get inspired. This blog also talks about history, culture and arts. They blog to connect and entertain readers from around the globe.
Anda Galffy 1%

Anda Galffy

Take a look at what Anda at has to share with regards to traveling that baby boomers are sure to love. This is the website that can give you the kinds of contents that are going to be the most valuable to you if you are interested in traveling, at all. The most informative travel posts are available on this site, including “Europe in Winter: Best European Cities to Visit in December,” “Top 10 Places to Visit in Sicily – Picture-perffect Towns You Shouldn’t Miss,” and “A Walk Through History at the Amazing Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, Sicily.”


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