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Best Military Blogs Award 2019 59%

Michael Yon Online Magazine

Best Military Blogs Award 2019 27%

The Angry Staff Officer

You are going to want to take a look at what has to offer on the matter of discussions with regards to the military and everything about it. Be sure to take a look at its huge selection of contents that go into impressive detail when talking about exercises, history, and so much more. Among the contents that will definitely be to your liking include “Thaddeus Kosciusko: The Polish Engineer You Never Heard of who Saved America,” “5 Time-Saving Tips for National Guard Company Commanders,” “Are Active Duty Army Systems and Procedures Harming Reserve Component Readiness?,” and “Army Branch Songs: Where Did They Come From?”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 6%

Defence Blog

Visit right now and enjoy all of the contents that it has to offer. Among them are such pieces as “U.S. Navy began testing advanced version of long-range electromagnetic weapon,” “U.S., United Kingdom naval forces conducted mine countermeasures training in the Arabian Gulf,” “U.S. negotiating with Israel to purchase two Iron Dome’s batteries,” and “U.S. Army completed three-month-long capabilities demonstration of prototype radars.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 4%

From the Green Notebook

Anyone interested in military matters are definitely going to want to check out This is a site with plenty of amazing things to say about the military and the people that are involved in it, along with what those who are not involved in the industry can expect. If you are interested, you can start by checking out such contents as “The Special Projects Officer Guide to Event Planning,” “The Goal of Self-Development: Knowledge vs. Wisdom,” “The Leader’s Guide to Being Featured on U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments,” and “5 Battlefields that Influenced My Outlook on War, Leadership, and Life.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 1%

UK Defence Journal

Visit right now for a ton of amazing contents about the military that is absolutely going to blow you away. This site has some of the most entertaining contents about many aspects of combat and weaponry, along with vehicles and the like. So be sure to go through what it has to offer, including such examples as “Spanish Air Force augmenting NATO Baltic Air Policing mission,” “American F-35B jets could soon be flying from Japanese ‘helicopter destroyer’,” “General Dynamics to support building of second Dreadnought nuclear missile sub,” and “Northrop tapped for US Army Stryker Vehicle High Energy Laser.” Visit the site to get even more of such contents.
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 1%

Welcome Home Blog

At, you will find a different type of resource that is still related to military matters. Just take for example “Soldier surprises girlfriend at airport with proposal, airline employee who captured moment left searching for couple,” “Soldier sneaks up on sister, surprises her in supermarket after a year apart,” and “Girlfriend in tears when Airman fiance surprises her after 5 months away.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 1%

US Military

Check out right now for some of the most astonishing contents about military matters you can ask for. You can see this for yourself when you read contents like “Having the Local Community Cheering You on Is a Big Boost for the Military Installations and Its People,” “$301 Million Military Housing Upgrade Proposed by US Senate Committee,” and “New Navy Destroyer to Be Named After US Senator from Georgia.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 1%

The Military Leader

Checking out would definitely be to your advantage if you are thinking of finding some amazing contents about military matters and those who are involved in it. The whole industry is quite complicated and involves a lot of nuance, after all, so you are going to want to get the insights of those who are actually immersed in it. To that end, you will want to take a look at this site’s selection of contents, including “A New Foundation for the Profession of Arms,” “2 Years of Lessons from Battalion Command,” “The Principles of Military Leadership [Day 3],” and “How to Write a Change of Command Speech.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 0%

Task & Purpose

Be sure to take a look at and what it has to offer on military topics. Among the contents you will find are 'It just happened' — the Iraq War’s first living Medal of Honor recipient recalls his harrowing fight against 5 insurgents,” “A 100-year-old former WWII POW describes how he narrowly escaped the Bataan Death March,” “Inside Project Metropolis, the Marine Corps' plan to wage war in the cities of tomorrow,” and “Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 0%

Jane's 360

If you are interested in military or defense topics, is a site that you are going to want visit. This is due to contents like “Paris Air Show 2019: Lockheed Martin targeting continued European F-16 growth,” “Paris Air Show 2019: IAI offering Kfir NG to Colombia, expects to return Sri Lanka and Ecuador jets to service,” and “Indian Navy postpones induction of second Kalvari-class submarine.”
Best Military Blogs Award 2019 0%

One Marine's View

Marines are seen as some of the finest fighting force in the world and any one of them can be considered a valuable source of insight into the world of military affairs. As such, the site is definitely one of the most useful resources you can make use of if you need to learn about the military. Be sure to take a look at contents like “Marines surprises Syrian insurgents when watching live sex shows,” “That’s The Kind Of Officer That Jim Mattis Is. A Marine Christmas Story,” and “The 16 Best Quotes From The Retiring Gen. James Mattis.”


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