Best Travel Blogs of 2019

Our world offers countless places that will surely take your breath away. Satisfying that wanderlust is truly one of the most satisfying and enjoyable feeling one can ever think about. And now, we have chosen the best bloggers that will help people to make their travel dream a reality. Our list will definitely inspire your inner wanderlust. Follow these bloggers for some travel tips and hotel reviews then you are good to go.

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Eka Situm

Follow and fall in love. The author started blogging in 2009, writing and sharing her thoughts. Her being a civil servant helped her to appreciate her travels more. Check out her articles about the best hotels around Indonesia. Discover the beauty of each place she visits and take some tips and honest reviews.

Adam & Susan

This power couple has been traveling around the world for quite some time now and they are unstoppable. They have been to 60 countries and planned to make it to 200. Their interests include food and walking long distances. Read more about them by following their blog.

Danan Wahyu Sumirat

Danan likes to travel and shares stories in social media and is known to be a street hobby blogger. This is a pretty good blog featuring place around Asia, its culture and its people. Book and product reviews as well as tips and information about photography and technology can be found on this website.
This website is considered to be one of the major influencers in the world of travel blogging. A highly regarded travel blog that has received recognition for its unique and fun travel stories. The author having thousands of followers in social media, greatly inspires others and has been awarded as one of the most influential woman in Indonesia.

Passportchop is a popular travel blog that gives travel articles and honest reviews on accommodation, transport, travel products, as well as technology. Let this website guide you to the world’s best travel destinations and get to know more about its culture and its people.
Bino is a Singapore based travel blogger who have been wandering around the world for quite some time now. Read about his journey and get tips to help you with your travel plans. This blogger has been recognized several times by several blogger awards and is now considered to be a major influencer. delivers amazing food destination around the world. This website presents awesome images that greatly describe each travel destination making each reader wanting to reach that place as soon as possible. Discover some luxury spas, beautiful resorts and scenic mountain areas. Get tips and honest reviews with a wide variety of budget and Muslim-friendly restaurants. This website gives travel destinations for honeymooners as well.
Dina left Canada with her husband and joined the backpacking club. Since then, they have been traveling the world and sharing their experiences through this blog. They have visited 40 countries and share with the readers their stories and their experiences with the locals. Enjoy reading and be inspired to travel the world.
Jaclynn is a Singaporean freelance travel writer who loves to travel solo and writes about it for the world to see. She does a wonderful job at sharing her own personal experiences about her travel abroad. Jaclynn collaborates with well-known companies such as Yahoo Travel, The Culture Trip, Turkish Airlines among others. She is truly an inspiration to women.
Best Travel Blogs of 2019

RailTravel Station

Throughout Asia, traveling via domestic trains is very convenient. It is one way of avoiding traffic hassles. gives readers an in depth information about train travel to Singapore and Malaysia. Follow this website for the latest update about the journey of the railways. allows us explore Malaysia through its parks and events. This website also offers reviews about the different airports around Malaysia and gives an in depth information that will greatly help every traveler. Read about bird watching and scuba diving and enjoy the sceneries that Malaysia has to offer.
Best Travel Blogs of 2019
Murphy has the passion to explore some hidden places in Sabah. He has extraordinary talent in photography and takes amazing photos for the world to see. Every reader will find his adventures to be inspiring and fulfilling. He also channels his creativity through
Best Travel Blogs of 2019

Faizal Fredley

Faizal encourages his readers to travel and explore the world. He is a treasured travel blogger who works with his team to bring the best travel articles and be an inspiration to many. His blog has been awarded to be the best travel blog in Malaysia and has been in collaboration with big internet companies such as Skyscanner and Tripadvisor.
Best Travel Blogs of 2019

Tabraiz Feham

Sri Sutra Travel is one of the leading travel companies in Malaysia. It provides you great travel tips and tricks, destination insights, trending holidays and more all via an intuitive and emersive experience. With over 30 years’ experience in the business, this website has made a name and is trusted by most people in terms of travel planning here and abroad. This website is right for you.
Best Travel Blogs of 2019

WowShack Indonesia

This is a unique blog that focuses on the latest news about travel, entertainment, and the environment. It also talks about Indonesia’s culture and history. can guide each reader to Indonesia’s historic sites and breathtaking views that every traveler don’t want to miss. Know more about Indonesia and its people by following this website.
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