Photography Blogs Award 2017

We have nominated several bloggers that we think are worthy to win our 2017 Photography Blogs Award. We honor those who share their knowledge of photography with others, and share examples of how to enhance photos, or give ideas on what you can do with photos.
The bloggers have been selected based on their knowledge and passion about Photography, which they have shared with the world through an inspirational blog post.
The prize money of €300 will be shared between all nominated blogs based on the number of votes you have given.

You decide which blogger deserves to win the biggest prize.

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Voting ends at 12:00 PM on 23 of February 2018
€300 is divided between the nominated bloggers
You decide who wins. Vote below!
When talking photography, there are many things in our mind to enjoy it. Relevant information can be found at Here you will get the latest news, tips, and everything about photography.

the uppermost

Photography is not necessarily about using the camera to take pictures. Photography is more than that, as revealed Here you can learn a lot of skills to become a real photographer.

diktatphotography will teach you a lot about photography. Enjoy the world of photography in various ways. On this site you will also gain valuable experience on how to use your camera.
If you are a novice photographer, will lead you to become more professional. By visiting this site, in addition to not costing you will be able to become a better photography lover.
Learning to be a photographer by doing so is a good thing but utilizing the tutorial provided by will get better. This will not be equivalent to real classes but will have a significant impact on your shots.

Wira Nurmansyah

A travel blog that also presents a variety of amazing photos. Here you will get inspiration or reference regarding what type of photo you will take or use. In addition, in can also be used as a reference regarding the location of the image is highly recommended.
If you want to look professional, try to look at and know exactly what you will do if you know what you are doing. The pictures here look very simple but amazing.
What you get at is an amazing photo gallery and also a discussion of the culinary from different regions. If you are fond of these two things, visiting is a recommendation for you. Getting articles to interesting tips from this site will be one of the benefits for you.
puppy traveler

puppy traveler

Not exactly a blog about a puppy that travels everywhere, is a neat resource that’s full of some truly spectacular pictures and images. It has plenty of the most beautiful photos of both landscape and people, which makes it immediately worth checking out.
dirmanto web

dirmanto web

Not exactly the most professional of photography blogs, still features some great photos of things like animals, noteworthy spots to visit and of course, people. It’s a great resource for getting inspiration on what might matter most depending on the kind of photo you want to take.
Pics of Asia
An excellent photography blog, anyone who wants to see some really good pictures of Asia will definitely want to check out It’s a collection of the most fascinating and the most honest depictions of the wonders of this amazing part of the world. You won’t want to miss this.
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Since has become a success within the last year, we have decided to give something back. Our blogger awards give us the opportunity to reward some of our favourite bloggers who have inspired us by sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics. We have decided to set the awards up as a voting contest, which enable our visitors to participate actively in the voting process.