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Baby Inc. 30%

Baby Inc.

When it comes to DIY projects and the like, is one of the most stylish websites you could ask for. It’s an incredible resource with plenty of useful things to say about various projects that you could work on yourself so that you could also enjoy the amazing benefits of such a cause. If you are into creating delicious pastries, building DIY toys for your kids, or just taking care of yourself, visiting this website would be highly encouraged. The deeply artistic types will also appreciate just how well the items featured on this site have been crafted.
Devy 23%


If you like handmade things, you’ll love what has to offer. Contents like “Tas Rajut Alika,” “Dompet Rajut Mini,” and “Tas Rajut Selempang Kulit Asli 3 Dimensi” are great examples of what true DIY awesomeness can look like. There are simply no excuses not to give this website a visit, especially if you are someone who likes the feeling imparted by being able to create things with your own hands.
Thata 12%


A crocheting blog by Thata Pang, is really valuable as a DIY resource for when you want to make some truly useful stuff from scratch. When you take a look at the site’s contents such as “Tunisian Pop Up Flower Square,” “Icord Hot pad from left over yarn,” and “Flower Star Snowflake,” you’ll quickly realize just how beautiful crochet art can be. If you take heed of what this site has to teach you about it, you could someday reach that level of expertise and you can start by simply visiting this blog.
Living Loving 6%

Living Loving

A truly informative resource, is full of the most excellent DIY contents that you could easily apply in real life. Thanks to contents like “PILIHAN TANAMAN UNTUK KAMAR MANDI”, “DIY ESSENTIAL OIL LINEN SPRAY”, and “RENOVATION 101: MEMBANGUN DENGAN BUDGET TERBATAS”, readers can learn how to deal with everyday scenarios with more ease. This is great because one of the biggest obstacles to actually getting anything done is the absence of the right information.
Shenisa 6%


Whether your interests lie in crocheting or home décor or whatever else, is a website that can show you how to DIY the stuffing out of those things. The site’s author offers some truly interesting insights into the matter of doing DIY through contents like “Pola Crochet Gratis untuk Pemula: Feminine Purple HP case” and “Rawat Peralatan Shower Kamar Mandi Terbaru Anda dengan Tips Berikut Ini.” Become more capable with the right information.
cemprut 6%


When taking a look at contents like “Let's Go Kiddo Goodies Pack...!!!,” “Hand Embroidery Brooch...!!!,” and “Reportase Crafting Sampai Keriting: Menyulam Lama...!!!” at, you can easily see how valuable this website is. For awesome DIY contents, you’ll want to read through what the site’s author Aphrodita Wibowo has to share about it.
Evie 5%


An excellent website by a the lovely Evie, is where you can find some amazing contents about arts and crafts. You can learn how to make some of the loveliest cards for any occasion along with learning how to work with flowers that will truly make an artist out of you. A quick look at “Big Eye Big Head Dolls” for example, can tell you exactly how talented Evie is and why you would benefit from learning what she has to share.
Ideku Handmade 4%

Ideku Handmade

Full of compelling contents about DIY topics, you’re definitely going to want to check out if you are interested in doing DIY. Examples like “myDIYstories Volume 27: DIY Puppy Card” are excellent instances of how someone can create something wonderful on their own. The same goes for “Bersih-Bersih Praktis, Gimana Tuh?” and other similar contents.
Urban Indo 4%

BLOG UrbanIndo

If you really want to see what real DIY magic looks like, is one website that you might want on your list of favourite resources. There are some especially valuable tips and tricks on offer from contents that include “3 Ide Kreasi Wadah Bekas yang Mudah Dibuat. 5 Menit Jadi!,” “Mudah! Begini Cara Mengolah Sampah Menjadi Pupuk Kompos,” and “Pot Tanaman Unik dari Batang Pohon, Begini Cara Bikinnya!”
Dwita 4%


Owned by the awesome Dwita, is where you can read and look at contents to satisfy your DIY curiosity. You really just need to take a look at contents like the “Red Hibiscus” post or the “A Journey of a Thousand Miles” one to see examples of just how amazing the craft tips on this site are. If you are interested in creating your own personalized cards for very special occasions and people, for example, this is the website to get what you need.


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