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tckmum.com 37%

Paula Barreca


At tckmum.com, Paula Barreca Barnes shares her experience as an expat mother who travels all the time along with her family. On this website, Paula talks about the usual challenges that they face as a family who hits the road quite often. Contents like “My Expat Dog,” “New Beginnings Start With New Friendships,” and “Will I Ever Feel At Home?” reflect the issues that many expats will need to deal with on a regular basis. Fortunately, they won’t have to do it on their own since this site can act as something of a companion to help them along the way.
deztreks.com 32%

Derek Ackary


An incredible expat blog, deztreks.com shares the experience of someone who knows what living in the Philippines is like and how those from other countries can make the most of replicating his experience. It’s one of the more authentic takes on the expat lifestyle that others can look forward to once it’s their turn to experience the same kind of journey. Contents like “The Ultimate North Luzon Road Trip” and “Best 20 Places In Palawan” are worth checking out for sure.
theexpathousewifeofjakarta.com 11%

Rinka Perez


Living in Indonesia can be a difficult adjustment process for those who don’t exactly have the most extensive experience when it comes to traveling to tropical regions. Fortunately, theexpathousewifeofjakarta.com is always here to provide you with the information that you need in order to not only survive but also to thrive. It can even be an exciting prospect once you actually know what you will need to watch out for.
Angela Carson 9%

Angela Carson


At expatangela.com, Angela Carson shares her experience as an expat in Asia, which is where she has been living after traveling through 35 countries. At this point, Angela can be considered a veteran in traveling and this gives her plenty of credibility to help others who might be aspiring to be an expat in Kuala Lumpur or any other Asian country. She covers other aspects of life, as well, for those who might be interested.
bowdywanders 3%

Bowdy Wanders


Join Bowdy at bowdywanders.com as he wanders around looking for the next big adventure. Read up on the places that he has been to, wonders he has seen, and stories that he has to tell. Enjoy such contents as “China Travel Itinerary: 10 Highlights of Jianshui Ancient Town in Yunnan Province,” which you could use as a blueprint for your own amazing adventures.
jakartaymas.com 1%

Gildo Kaldorana


If you want to know about the most attractive destinations, the most rewarding spots, and the most valuable points on the map that you’ll need to keep in mind when you are actually living in Indonesia, check out jakartaymas.com. The owner of the site, certainly knows how to highlight some of the best sights and places of interest in the archipelago. This can help you truly grasp what it will mean to be an expat in this nation and how you can make the most of your stay there.
ohmyexpatlife.com 1%



Take a look at ohmyexpatlife.com if you really want to see what the life of an expat can be like when you know what to do and where to go. It’s an incredibly positive experience that you can certainly be proud of and which you can count on will be filled with many happy days. The site can also teach you how to deal with more common problems through contents like “How to Make Friends Abroad – the Key to a Happy Expat Life” and “Expat Hair-loss and Treatments.”
bemariekorea.com 1%



Living in another country is never easy but it can be a more enjoyably challenging scenario with the help of sites like bemariekorea.com. You can learn all about what it’s like to live in South Korea, how you can make the most of your stay there, and best of all, how you can live as an expat in the country. There are certainly differences in cultures, but with the help of contents like “The Best Things To Do In Gyeongju South Korea” and others like it, you can be sure it will be a more memorable experience.
mrssharma.com 1%

Marianna Sharma


Check out mrssharma.com by Marianna Sharma if you want some incredible perspectives that apply to both travelers and those who are aspiring to become expats in India. The resource talks about a variety of issues that those who will live in this ancient country might experience, including things like finding support systems and little bits and pieces about the life of the author.
textpatwives.com 1%



With contents like “Ten Things You Never Did Until You Became a Singapore Expat” and “Comfy Shoes In Singapore (or, Good Friends Remind Us What Really Matters In Life),” textpatwives.com reminds readers some of the things that truly matter when living as an expat. The site is a true gem of a resource, which allows people to get a better appreciation of the things that they will experience when living in Singapore.
kirstentravels.com 1%



At kirstentravels.com, you will learn all about the many intricacies and satisfying aspects of living in other countries. This comes straight from the owner of the site, Kirsten, who originally came from Cape Town, South Africa and is now traveling all over the world. Those who want to get the perspective who has been there and done that will want to visit this site.
saltybug.com 1%



At saltybug.com, there is much to learn about being an expat in a country like the Philippines, with the owner Sarah living in the city of Manila. At this site, you will get such contents as “How to get a traditional Kalinga Tattoo Without Exploiting Whang-Od” or “SaltyBug’s Guide to Travel with Kids” to help prepare you for what’s to come.
duplezwrites 1%



n excellent expat blog, duplezwrites.wordpress.com/ is full of some fascinating contents that you would definitely be interested in if you are planning on living in another country. The site contains some truly insightful information about the various struggles that both expats and travellers have to contend with on a regular basis. You can check out the site’s coverage of “Weekends only postpone the inevitable” to see the wisdom of visiting this website from time to time. Go ahead and check it out for yourself to see what it has to offer.

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